I am a PR, Talent Rep, Stylist, or Publicist, how do I contact the Designer or the consultant team? 

For talent requests, Photoshoots, TV, Red Carpet, Live performances, please contact: Press@isabellkristensen.com   +447493972326

I am an Image consultant or Personal Shopper how do I contact the Designer or the consultant team? 

For Personal styling or Personal Shoppers, please contact our Senior sales consultants on: serviceclients@isabellkristensen.com   +447493978746

Where are House of Kristensen Boutiques?

Our two flagship stores are in London, on Beauchamp place in Knightsbridge, and another in Monaco, on Rue Princesse Marie de Lorraine. Please also click here to see which of our retailers are closest to your location. 

Can I place an order online?

Yes! There are 3 ways to order online.  

  • Purchase pieces from existing collections, these are available in sizes listed and are referred to as 'House Originals' these will be delivered to you usually with 5 days.  
  • Second option, is to choose your favourite dress but select that it be made to order in your measurements or to a preferred size (for example for a surprise gift you may prefer to request a standard size that usually fits the wearer), this option also allows for a change of colour if you wish.  
  • Thirdly, is bespoke, we can take custom orders long-distance, but it is sometimes best to have a virtual or telephone consultation to clarify your wishes. Please send your request to London@isabellkristensen.com and a member of our sales team will assist you with your online order.

What is your price range?

  • Bridal collection House Originals begin at £3600, but our average UK Bride spends £7500 - 8500
  • Eveningwear collection House Originals begin at £3200, but our average UK client spends £4500 - 6000.
  • Made-to-measure orders are on average £800-£1200 more than their House original (existing designs off-the-rail) counterparts.  Alterations to details such as neckline and sleeves can be customised. 

100% Bespoke Couture orders typically begin at £10,000 owing to the additional works involved. 

Do you make bespoke gowns & suits?

Yes, we are widely recognised across the Fashion, Film, Music & TV industries for our expertise in bespoke design. 

How long will my online order take?

House originals (designs available in stock from existing collection) usually arrive within 5 days of your order. 

  • A Made-to-Measure order of an existing style is typically 2-3 months, but this is subject to how busy a period it is. For example, we are very busy during awards season and ahead of major events such as Cannes Film Festival. 
  • Custom designs can take longer subject to whether there are any special-order materials, the extent of hand sewing, needlework and detailing involved.

What do you mean when you say the collection is Limited Edition? 

As all House of Kristensen Collections are Limited Edition, we only make a set number of pieces per design. This may be anywhere from 6 to 12 units of each design, this guarantees a degree of exclusivity for our customers and helps keep our collections sustainable. 

Can I find any discounted styles of older collections?

The majority of HOK pieces are made to order, with limited stock of each design owing to Limited edition nature of our collections. We have never had an online sale. Whilst in-store sample sales are possible, they typically occur less than once every 18 months.

Please subscribe here for updates as to sales & new collections. 

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment online, email us or call/msg us on +442075891798  or  +447493978746

How much in advance should I book my first Bridal appointment?

It will depend on the design, it is best to allow as much time as possible and book an appointment a Year in advance. Some designs can be made to measure in 3 months, but many require 6-12 months. If you would like time to consider which design is your favourite, book sooner so you may relax and enjoy the consultation without worry as to time. 

For Urgent Brides, you may purchase your dream dress from our existing collection. A House Original can be purchased in a set size and altered if need be. This can be done in weeks as opposed to months. 

How long is a Bridal Appointment vs a Fashion Appointment?  

Typically 45min to one hour for fashion orders to an hour and a half for Bridal.

How many guests may accompany me to my appointment? 

It is very important our dedicated team have the opportunity to clearly connect and communicate with you to guarantee the highest standard of care and attention to detail. Owing to the private nature of our fitting area and the experience we seek to deliver, we recommend no more than two guests per appointment. 

Is there anything recommended to bring to my appointment?

We recommend bringing the bra type and shoe height you expect to wear for your occasion. Colour is less important at first appointment but something neutral is advised to avoid disturbing the eye as you try your favourite looks.  

What is the difference between a consultation and a browsing appointment?

A browsing appointment is best for customers seeking to buy existing stock, or those without the time for made-to-measure or bespoke orders. This will permit the opportunity to try existing pieces but will not have the same level of service in so far as fabric selection & detailed personalisation, customisation presentation, designer input etc. 

A consultation for Bridal or Made-To-Order eveningwear/eventwear involves a more detailed recording of your wishes and preferences to allow our team to support you with independent research and sourcing of the best options for your desired look or dream wedding dress. 

We welcome details as to your aspirations and vision for your special occasion, as well as feedback as to your favourite styles to wear and what features about yourself you love most. Our dedicated and sensitive team also pay careful consideration to any religious or modesty requirements as well as support on any questions you may have as to insecurities to ensure you are comfortable and confident on the day. 

How many appointments or fittings are required?

For House Originals (existing stock), only one. For made-to-order, it can be as few as two but most typically it is three. For bespoke orders, four is likely, possibly five if first fitting is a toile.  

What is a Toile?

The toile is effectively the prototype of the design. It exists to test the effectiveness and fit of a new cut, new silhouette, and adjust accordingly in calico before we cut into the very valuable fabrics.  Some House of Kristensen materials can exceed £500 per metre so checking every millimetre of our pattern is perfect is essential.  

To best match my dress, do the consultants or designer help advise on accessories? 

For Bridal this is key, as accessories would likely involve a veil, little jacket or other strong feature of the overall look, therefore it is very common that our team would support you, particularly as most of our veil orders are custom or made-to-order. 

In terms of jewellery/shoes/handbag our team can support fashion & bridal customers with advice for these, and also benefit from relationships with some of London's top designer brands to recommend the best options. 

I am a customer. I would like to attend an upcoming Fashion Show and other events?

Please subscribe here for updates as to events and new collections. 

I am not yet a customer, I would like to attend an upcoming Fashion Show and other events?

There is exceedingly high demand for access to our shows. Most fashion shows are reserved for our valued clientele, industry partners and Press. You can subscribe here for updates as to other events and new collections.